“I had never before come across an approach to yoga teaching quite as encouraging, creative and skilled as hers and was completely blown away. Although I had been practising yoga for several years prior to meeting Mary, her instructions guided me to connect my mind, body and spirit in a unique way; each class provided lightbulb moments where everything just clicked. Mary’s energy, enthusiasm and passion for yoga are contagious, and I am so grateful that she continues to guide me along my path as a teacher.” ~Rachel, Yoga Student, UK

"Mary is a pure pleasure to work with. She is creative, compassionate, and has an amazing work ethic. Mary radiates with authenticity and her passion for living yoga shines though in all that she does. Mary's devotion to the international yoga community is truly inspiring and heartfelt. She is a positive change maker and a natural light in the world of modern yoga."

~Erica Hartnick, Founder of Yoga Trade

“I had the honor of employing Mary for over 15 months at the Hariharalaya Yoga and Meditation Retreat Center in rural Cambodia. Mary served as head yoga teacher on over 50 retreats, leading groups of up to 30 people. Mary’s dynamic, creative, awareness based teaching style was thoroughly enjoyed by students of all ages and all levels. Her professional attitude, her positive approach and friendly demeanor always added to the team. In addition Mary lead workshops, yoga at the Temple tours and private yoga lessons, where she designed over 100 individualized personal practices for her students. Yoga and conscious living is clearly a passion for Mary, not a job, and she demonstrated that over her 15 months at the center. She is a great leader and a team player. In addition she lives what she teaches. Mary is always learning and growing, and she shares this joy and inspiration for life with all of her students.”

~Joel Altman, Founder of Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat Center

“Mary’s passion and deep knowledge of yoga emanates through everything she does. Her enthusiasm and love for the practice and life, are infectious. Practicing with her feels like coming home in a way I had never experienced before. After a week's retreat with Mary, the decision to make yoga a big part of my life was inevitable. I haven’t come across another teacher who lives yoga off the mat as wholeheartedly and authentically as she does. She is an all-round beautiful human being and I can’t imagine recommending anyone as highly as I do her.”

~Faye, Yoga Student, UK