A Long Wellness Weekend with Lasting Results at The Ranch

There are no shortcuts in wellness, but retreats often offer a chance to kickstart those healthy habit changes with vigour. The Ranch in California has long been synonymous with meaningful lifestyle overhaul and quick slimming solutions, with participants losing as much as six per cent of their body fat in a week. As international yoga teacher and Compare Retreats Expert Mary Tilson found out though, it’s not just about aesthetics—The Ranch, with its tough-love approach, is about building mental strength as much as the physical. Mary completed The Ranch 4.0 retreat programme on her recent trip to California, which condenses The Ranch Malibu’s high-intensity fitness and nutrition programme into a four-night retreat for those on a tighter schedule. Hosted at The Four Seasons Westlake Village, Mary checked in to discover what makes The Ranch’s boot camps so effective. 

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