This 1:1 Mentorship is a highly engaged journey of self-discovery to help you fall in love with the life you’re creating right now!

My goal is to elevate yoga & wellness professionals with the tools that have allowed me to live a life beyond my wildest dreams while serving others.

The work we do together will include everything from establishing your personal daily yoga & meditation practice to consciously marketing your offering - without selling your soul!

This is right for you if…

You are newly certified, ready to build a career sharing what you love

You are an experienced yoga teacher / wellness professional ready to take things to the next level

You dream of marrying your passion with your career

You want to earn enough that you can support yourself and give back to others

You love to continuously grow and evolve

You’re ready to show up and do the work!

“I am learning everyday to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be, to inspire me and not terrify me”

~Tracee Ellis Ross 


What to expect…

Clarity on your vision for the future

1:1 guidance from an established International Yoga Teacher

Marketing strategies to promote your work in an authentic and effective way

The secrets of teaching & traveling, designing workshops, organizing and leading retreats, and more!

Actionable steps to help you reach your short & long-term goals

As your personal mentor, I like to think of my role as holding up a mirror so you can truly see yourself - not the picture your parents painted for you, or what your friends or co-workers see you as, but your true self.

Sometimes, yes, that means asking you the questions you’ve been avoiding and deconstructing self-limiting belief systems you’ve been attached to for a while.

Together, we’ll begin chiseling away at everything that’s been holding you back so you can step into full alignment and live a life of purpose.

If your aim is to use your life to serve others, I want to help you.

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