Africa Yoga Project + Y12SR Leadership Training

In February 2019, we teamed up with Africa Yoga Project and the incredibly-inspiring Yoga Therapist, Nikki Myers to bring the tools of Addiction Recovery and Trauma-Informed Yoga (Y12SR) to the Nairobi community. Through collective fundraising efforts and on-site training at the Shine Center, over 74 local teachers became certified leaders to offer these transformative tools to their communities.

“Unemployed and underemployed youth in Kenya: ‘Working poverty rates among youth in Sub-Saharan Africa is nearly 70% in 2016, translating to 64.4 million working youth in that region living in extreme or moderate poverty (less than $3.10 per day). The region continues to report the highest youth working poverty rates globally.’ according to the International Labour Organization.” (

As an organization, Africa Yoga Project’s reach has now extended to 18 countries in Africa, creating job opportunities to earn a living wage teaching yoga. There are a list of ways to support this incredible organization through donations, community activation, online mentorship, seva safaris and teacher trainings. Visit to learn more.


This mini-documentary was made by local filmmakers, Routes Adventures.